Author: DivineB-U-Ti

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the human spirit.
You were made in God’s image. That means you are not only a perfect reflection of the most high but you are also a sovereign being. You carry great power. That’s why, before you even attempt to deal with others, you have to first master yourself.
Just because what you hear is negative doesn’t mean that it is untrue. There’s nothing worse than ignoring a warning just because it makes you uncomfortable or scared.
Start getting comfortable with your own company. It is the only one guaranteed to be with you from the cradle to the grave.
You’ve got this twisted….the gift that is super expensive will never compare to those gifts that money can never buy.
Trust what’s in your gut, apply what’s in your head and lead with that beating heart in your chest. Those are your superpowers….use them.
We live in a world of confusion,Where people say one thing but mean another,Where we use people but take care of ‘things’,And we see everything that’s wrong with everyone else but ourselves.It seems like delusion is required to be ‘civilised’
It’s funny how those who take by force expect everyone else to ask permission
My purpose isn’t to fulfil your expectations. My purpose is to fulfil my own.
You are always given an opportunity to set yourself free from the shackles of your current circumstances. The question is – will you take it?