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Too many of us are taking financial advice from people who don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of
Want to know the secret behind being smart? Never stop learning and always keep trying.
The problem with hate is that it quietly transforms you into the very thing that you despise.
If you had nothing to lose, what would you do? Who would you defy? Who would be subject to your insults? So maybe it’s not your morals that is keeping you in check. Maybe it’s your fear of punishment or losing out on a perceived benefit. What a life to live…….
You want riches. I want contentment. You want fame. I want to be remembered. You want everything that your heart desires. I want to be duly rewarded for all my efforts. We are not the same
In case you haven’t noticed – karma is now working overtime to give people their fair dues. So it’s no longer taking years for people to reap what they sow….it’s taking days and sometimes – even hours. So take care with how you deal with people.
Those who forget will have an identity assigned to them But those who remember will reject whatever doesn’t resonate with who they are
A leader shouldn’t make the decisions for youThey should be a reminder that you have all the tools at your disposal to lead yourself
There’s worthless and then there’s invaluable. Find yourself a man who knows the difference when he steps to you Queen.
How is it that with information at your fingertips, ignorance continues to reign supreme?