Day: 1 February 2020

“I’m on another level when it comes to connecting with another soul It’s no longer about finding someone that’s good It’s all about finding someone that’s right for me Custom-made, specially packaged and fully certified to handle my level of crazy Now THAT I’m willing to wait for” I wasn’t looking for love when James […]
“If another house could make a man less of a bastard And another car could make a woman less of a bitch Then everyone would be better off richer Unfortunately, your inner demons don’t respond to retail therapy” I am a one-of-a-kind, super-fine queen who will accept nothing less than the best from any man. […]
“Let the world worry about you being single In the meantime, you worry about being happy” I’ve lost count of how many times my mother has asked me about giving her grandkids. Better still, there’s my sister who keeps dropping hints about wanting to become an auntie, my friends who keep prodding me for information […]
“I love it when they think you’re afraid to walk away They are usually the last to realise that they’ve given you little reason to stay” Today I celebrate 30 years of marriage to my husband, Jonathan Smith.  As we stood in the beautifully decorated town hall, we were soon lovingly ushered towards an imposing […]
“I’m not the kind of woman you find to warm your bed Entertain you when you’re bored Stand in as a last resort Or step in as your back up plan I’m the woman you can only dare to approach Once you’ve left your childish ways behind And understood what it means to love another […]