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Be honest……it will kill your pride and build your reputation
Love is a gift not an obligation. Marriage is a commitment not a contract and freedom is your birth right, not a luxury.
You buy what you want in hopes that it will satisfy a need. Understand that there are some things money can never buy. That’s why peace of mind can’t be bought and your sadness can’t be sold
It seems like you have the freedom to choose until you discover that you’re not in control of the choices you’re given
Desperation is not a good look. Neither is delusion
We live in a world where it’s not about finding cures but picking your poison
Hope for the best but expect the worst? No….trust that regardless of the outcome, you will be ok.
There is unique and there is rare. Whichever you believe yourself to be, understand that there is nobody like you. Never try to change that.
Your environment will either cause you to wilt or blossom. Don’t let anyone stunt your growth and don’t let anything stifle your life force.
Never be ashamed of defeat and tackle failure head on. If you can overcome both, you can overcome anything. If you can learn from both, you will be unstoppable.